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Buyer Beware: Mark’s Hand Wash and Detail

Recently, in a Facebook Group for drivers only, I came across a post advertising a mobile car wash business. At first glance, it seems okay, as rideshare drivers, we do need clean cars. However, as drivers started asking more and more questions, “Mark Anthony” (which sounds like a fictitious name) evidently became tired of some of the remarks (such as, “you are advertising in the wrong group because we don’t get paid enough to detail our vehicles”, etc.) and decided to post the following statement:

“I’m sure this why u drive ppl around all day.” – How condescending is that? Are rideshare drivers in a lower class than you? You want business, but you want to post that for all of your potential clients to see. That is not the kind of person I want to be doing business with, and I am sure mostly everyone reading this will agree. How is it that I am paying you for a service and you think low enough of me that you have no remorse about saying it in front of my face? You should always make your clients/customers feel special. It is basic customer service.

So, that made me start to wonder. Is Mark’s business even a legitimate business? Mobile anything is always a red flag (although, not always), especially if they spam Facebook groups to try and advertise for free. The simple answer is no, he is not legitimate. A search with the Texas SOS does not reveal any business with the name of “Mark’s Hand Wash and Detailing.” What this means to customers? You are not insured should anything go wrong, and if Mark uses the wrong chemical, your car can be ruined. Is that a chance you want to take? Furthermore, the Facebook page appears to only have reviews from family and friends.

So, 1) he has no respect for customers, nor is he filed with the state of Texas and 2) likely does it uninsured. There are a number of car detailing businesses out there that are licensed and insured. Find one that you like and stick with them. We need are cars clean and nice looking for our rideshare clients. Cutting corners and having someone potentially discolor your seats, is not the way to go. I for sure will stay away from Mark. I personally like Splash Car Wash on Shepherd, even though they are probably not the best price, nor are they mobile. but they do a great job. If you know of any reputable detailers, mobile or not , please share them in the comments below. I love recommending places that do right by me.

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