Portable Jump Starters

So, today, I decided I should charge my portable jump starter. Turns out, it was still fully charged. I bought this one made my Imazing back in April, and it is still at 100% (even after using it a couple times). For $69.99 it was one of the best investments I have made.

This one is rated for 1500 peak amps, which is probably overkill for most UberX vehicles, but it is still perfectly safe to use on a battery that is lower rated.

It does not matter how new or how old your car is. Eventually your battery will die. Eventually you will need a jump. As rideshare drivers, we go through batteries quicker than anyone else. While a battery typically lasts 3-5 years (sometimes more) we use our at last 2-3 times more. This means, critical components like your car battery will die at the worse possible time. There is nothing like sitting at the airport for 2 hours, getting a ping and finding out your car died. For some reason, no other drivers carry cables!!
Anyhow, instead of begging other drivers, waiting for roadside assistance, you could just pull this out and be on your way! Not technically challenged? No worries! It only sends a charge, once you have the cables connected to the correct posts! (Yes, I tried it.) It does have USB ports to charge your phone, if needed, but I highly advise you save the battery for when you need a jump.

Best thing about this? It is the size of a USB battery pack. (maybe a bit bigger) but it fits in the glove compartment nicely. #outofsight, #outofmind.

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