Play Octopus The Basics

Free Tablet + Free Money = Play Octopus

Play Octopus is one of the greatest things to happen to rideshare drivers. It allows us to earn extra cash by doing something we already are doing.. driving riders around!

What exactly is Play Octopus?

Simply put, Play Octopus is a 3rd party (meaning not Uber or Lyft affiliated) advertising platform. Big name advertisers like HEB, Tiffany Co, and Jack in the Box (to name a few) while riders play games like Trivia on the tablet, for free!

How do drivers make money?
Drivers make money from Play Octopus in 1 of 2 ways.

1) Directly from Octopus – every time you take a ride, or a rider plays, you earn points. Once you reach 250 points, you have the option to cash out instantly, or you can leave it in there until you build up a small fortune. (You won’t get rich, but it will pay for Christmas presents.)

This is the most noticeable way you make money from having the Play Octopus tablet in your car.

2) Indirectly – Riders honestly love the tablet. (sure there is advertising, but it is quick and not that bad. Play Octopus understands most rides are only a few minutes long). When you have something that no one else does, (Octopus is still fairly new and in a small number of vehicles) you become “the best [insert Uber or Lyft here] ever!”

One thing I do like, is that every so often, the tablet will change to a “YOUR TIPS ARE APPRECIATED” screen. While I have never been one to post tipping signs in my car, I do feel like a lot of people forget and need to be reminded that tipping really is appreciated. Tips have seem to be more often since I got the tablet myself, but I know, it is hard to tell if this is a direct cause of the increase in tips. Every once in a while, they will start playing it and give you a few dollars in cash – It’s hard to deny the tablet is not the reason at that point!

#truestory: I once had a rider get in my car. He was clearly drunk. I told him he can play on the tablet. He said ok. Then a couple minutes later. He yelled. (excitedly) what? I can play on this???? Is it free??? I said yes sir! It is. He tapped it a couple times and said hold hold on, (pulled out a $5 bill) here you go! In my mind I was like, did he just hear me say it was free? But hey, $5 on $2.44 ride I will gladly take any day!

The best thing about Play Octopus? It always brings a smile to your riders face. The best part is when you have a new couple that seems to be at that awkward part of their date night and they start doing Trivia together.

Happy riders = Tips

How to sign up?

It’s simple. Simply click here, fill out your info, and your application, and Play Octopus will send you a tablet in the mail! It is COMPLETELY free. They do ask for a debit card, but only so they can pay you once you cash out.

As for theft? I have not had it happen, and that tablet stays on pretty good with the mount they provide. I have had riders ask if they can take it off and they say, “oh, never mind, its locked.” But for some reason, if you a rider wants to take it home to play with it, all you have to do is provide a police report and you are off the hook with Play Octopus.

I have been mounting the Octopus since March of 2019. I have not had any problems, or riders complain. My experience has been quite the opposite and now I am sharing it with you!

Play Octopus sign up

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