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Where is the Houston Rodeo Uber drop-off and pick-up area?

Update for 2022 HLSR can be found by clicking here (Spoiler Alert: It’s the same as 2020 was)

Where is the Houston Rodeo Uber drop-off and pick-up area?

Where is the Houston Rodeo Lyft drop-off and pick-up area?

As many of you know, the pickup/dropoff zone for Uber and Lyft has changed for the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, to the Yellow Lot.

This is actually a better spot for a couple of reasons.

1) We no longer have to wait on Murworth, as it is directly off Main Street. (Just slightly north of Murworth) Do you see entrance 16b om the map with the two purple arrows? That is where you enter and exit.

2) The riders have an option of taking a tram (free of charge) to and from the Yellow Lot to the front gate. (basically they have to walk less and are not so moody.) – If they want to walk, it is about 10 minutes.

While the cookoff was this past weekend, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officially kick off tomorrow, March 3, 2020 and runs until March 22, 2020.

Pro Tip: While the majority of people will move out when the carnival closes (most day at midnight), there are still a number of vendors that take Uber and Lyft to and from NRG throughout the day and night. If you get a ride there, you can stage in the yellow lot (there is plenty of parking throughout the day) and you will end up getting a ride.

Between this sign and then tent in the background is where you can park and stage – free of charge, no permit required.

Yes, the line into the yellow lot gets really long come evening time. The entrance to the yellow lot is off Main, North of Murworth. Remember Murworth? If you come up Buffalo Speedway, head east on Murworth and you will be able to skip the majority of rideshare drivers coming up Main.

If you are sitting in that line and not skipping cars, you will complain about not making enough money from rodeo. As much as I want every driver to be friends, we do not get paid unless we are on a ride. It is OKAY to skip other cars. The rest of us will honk, but only because we understand you will get a ride before us now. 

Remember, while there a number of factors that go into ride matching (rating, acceptance rate, etc.) in busy areas like the Rodeo, it goes back to basics and you are matched with the closest rider to you. This means you need to get into the yellow lot as quickly as possible. If you do not have a ride before the yellow lot, you will get one very, very quickly after you enter.

Just FYI, at NRG, both Uber and Lyft apps default to the yellow lot when the rider is anywhere on that property. It doesn’t matter if they are standing next to you, the apps will determine they are in the Yellow Lot, unless the rider manually puts another address (most will be too drunk to do so.)

P.S. It is a good idea to head down that way between pings and figure out how and where t go, before you end up taking a rider there.

2 thoughts on “Where is the Houston Rodeo Uber drop-off and pick-up area?
  1. So your golf cart transports are for your volunteers and the closest parking that we have used with our handicap sticker in the past is now for your special volunteers, my row 107 was jam packed on opening night with your gold badge volunteers- one that told me when I told him they were in my seats to fuck off….. and the best you have for some one with blue lot parking is across the freeway and Uber gets me who uses a walker a 45 minute walk in freezing weather. Advice for you would be: get your volunteers out of the seats we pay for and the handicap parking. If you want a three week party for your staff and hot shot volunteers don’t take money from us for tickets and parking and make it so hard on access to the show. And who the hell is protecting people there. No phone for security from NRG or THE RODEO. Drunks everywhere. I guess you have enough free legal volunteers to let the patients run the nut house. I think enough is enough. Your show or your choice of so called entertainment is no representation of rodeo

    1. Yea, the golf carts are more for the volunteers, and in places like the Red Lot, they are for the people who donate way too much money.

      The yellow lot, which is the official spot for Uber/Lyft in 2022 (by official, I mean the only legal place we can pick up and drop off) has trams that take you to and from one of the main gates, which is slightly to the North of NRG Stadium. Still, depending on your seats, you have some walking to do, which brings me to the issue about your seats..

      As a former volunteer (stopped with COVID) – the gold badges do not give you a right to any seat. What those volunteers did is actually a deadly sin in the volunteer handbook. I hope you got one of the ushers and/or security involved since they have a right to take away that gold badge if it is being misused. Hearing about that infuriates me because being able to go to every show you want is one of the main reasons I became a volunteer. People like them will ruin it for the rest, and that perk will eventually be taken away for everyone.

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