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As a part time rideshare driver, I have stopped taking rides.

You heard that right. For those who know me, you know I am always out there “grinding” when I don’t necessarily have to. Some years back I was laid off from a job, and decided to always have a back up plan. I do not rideshare everyday, but it has been very seldom I have taken weekends off. While I am a part time driver, and consider myself as such, I end up often putting in full time hours. I actually really do enjoy driving, so rideshare has always been a perfect match for me. This is also why when I see drivers up to shady things, I call them out here.

I started to rideshare, after my daughter was in the ICU, and I had a crazy deductible to pay for. It didn’t take long to pay it off, but I do love a good source of income. Rates were doubled, and there were not many drivers. $300 on UberX on Friday and Saturday nights were normal. Anything less than $200 in 8 hours meant it was slow. Fast forward to today, it would be a flat out lie to say you can make $300 consistently in 8 hours, on anything short of UberBlack. At the same time, having this extra money coming in, is still pretty awesome. If my kids say they want to go somewhere, we can.

I have been very fortunate that earlier this week, because of coronavirus, my full time job decided to let us work from home, with full pay. I am actually saving money because I do not have to worry about dry cleaning, gas, or wasting $15 on a meal at lunch time.

Not everyone is this fortunate, especially drivers that are full time. My job is not the only job that has decided to go remote. Full time drivers often drive during the day. Their bread and butter are day time riders. These day time riders are no longer going to the airport, or even the office. For the ones that work at night, these riders are not going to bars or restaurants. While there are riders, there is likely a whole lot less. These full time drivers really rely on this income. I refuse to steal money out of their pockets. I understand there are plenty of part time drivers that need this income because their job is refusing to pay. I am not mad if you are trying to do rideshare more (as you should) BUT if you have a full time job that is paying you to stay at home, and you can pay your bills… please, join me in my pledge to not take any riders from full time drivers

A few extra dollars is not worth catching coronavirus when you can already pay the bills!

If you do come down with coronavirus symptoms, please stop driving immediately. Don’t be that driver that gives 200 rides while having symptoms. I know you may need the money, but the longer the coronavirus spreads, the longer we have to wait for things to go back to normal.

Remember, delivery is your friend right now. UberEats, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, etc. DoorDash and Amazon Flex both have waiting lists, but if you follow Rideshare Houston, you will know I preach that you should sign up for everything you can before something like this happens.

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