Lyft driver uses phone while on ride

A Lyft driver in NYC decided to use his phone while driving with a rider.

There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. Sure, the driver is stopped at a red light, but the vehicle is still in drive, and still being operated and that light will turn green at one point or another. The best-case scenario is he doesn’t realize the cars in front of him moved and ends up blocking traffic. However, you do have the rider stating that he was on his phone “the (w)hole time he’s driving.” – meaning she only recorded when he was at the light. I get if you need to change the song, at the light but to scroll through Facebook? There is no need for that.

Furthermore, this rider had kids in the back. While safety is 100% the issue here, you really have to keep in mind that these kids are watching (no matter how young or old they are) how you are driving. Seeing that a “professional” driver is scrolling through Facebook is not going to help them down the road when they start driving. They will say, “everyone does it” and think it is okay. As adults, we have to set an example for kids. Otherwise, phone usage like this will continue to put everyone at risk.

The last thing we will highlight here is that the driver was NOT wearing his mask properly, against Lyft policy. This can be seen at the 0:02 mark when the rider pans over to show the driver. The mask is clearly not covering his nose. Not only is this driver putting his riders at risk by not focusing on the road, but he is putting them at risk by letting those germs float throughout the air. This driver does not care about the safety of his riders at all and needs to be deactivated.

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