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Lyft driver refuses to wait for rider

This Lyft driver has a hard time waiting for riders.

The rider, Karyn stated that she was waiting 20 minutes for a driver (and had about 16 minutes left) before the Lyft app changed her driver to this one, which was closer to her.

However, this driver called her immediately upon arriving and started to harras her about coming out, “within 1 minute of arriving”.

Keep in mind, Karyn was expecting the other driver to be there in 16 minutes.

Sure, the driver doesn’t know how long Karyn had been waiting for, but there is absolutely no reason to call the rider and harras them about coming out. Personally, I wait until the 4:45 mark before I send that text. (On Lyft, we are required to call or text in order to get the cancellation fee.) Frankly speaking, it is really rude to keep your driver waiting.

However, to call within 1 minute of arriving and whine about her not being outside? This driver has some mental issues and should not be driving for Uber or Lyft. He is the type that will pull out a gun on peaceful protestors.

Hopefully your next driver Karyn is a bit more patient.

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