Shady Drivers

Alleged Uber Driver Hits Cyclist

A white Prius hit a cyclist in Berkely on August 5, 2020 and decided to flee the scene.

A witness at the scene described the car as being a white Prius with a Uber sticker on rear window, leading the witness to believe it could have been an Uber driver (a very legitimate reason)

It should be noted though that the Uber stickers can be bought on eBay by the general public, and of course, it could have simply of been an inactive driver.

However, if this was an driver, that had the app open, Uber should be able to pinpoint which drivers, in white Prius’s were on that block at that particular moment. Of course, this is something they would do with a court order, and a court order will only come if the cyclist suffered major injuries.

If you have any information about this accident (especially the driver), please contact the Berkley PD non-emergency line at (510) 981-5900. He should have damage on the passenger side.

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