Take 5

Los Angeles comes in second to Houston once again

It’s not the World Series, but the world depends on us getting a vaccine.

This past weekend, Minute Maid Park was the first stadium to hold a major vaccination drive resulting in 3,852 doses being given. However, Mayor Turner states he wants to increase that number up to 10,000.

Now Los Angeles has decided to hold their own major vaccine drive at Dodger Stadium, where they plan on eventually giving 12,000 vaccinations a day.

While there are plenty of variables as to who can reach their goal of 10, 12,000 vaccines a day, I want to believe there will be some kind of friendly wager between Mayor Turner and Mayor Eric Garcetti.

We could start with 4 days in a row or 3 days in a row (4-3, get it?) I’ll show myself out now..

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