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Vickie Meyers identified as the Phoenix Karen who decided the plan should stop for her

Vickie Meyers is now facing felony charges after running onto the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in an attempt to stop the airplane because she was running late and “did not want to miss her flight”

Vickie Meyers said she was trying to stop the plane so she wouldn't miss her flight.

ICYMI: Here is the video showing her running onto the tarmac:


Karen missed her flight, decided to walk out emergency exit onto tarmac. Gets felony trespassing.

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…and here is the video of her being arrested:


Raw arrest video with original sound.

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While it appears that these could be two different women, this is in fact the same one, the jacket is a dead giveaway. Wearing a wig and basically, a disguise is probably not going to help her felony trespassing case into a secure area of the airport.

Do ou think she will face jail time? Or will she simply get a slap on the wrist?

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