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Dr. Candice Matthews is calling for a federal investigation for alleged Houston Community College Corruption

In a video that is now going viral on the popular social media app, TikTok Dr. Candice Mathews, the National Minister of Politics for the New Black Panther Nation, addresses the board members of the Houston Community College (HCC) regarding an alleged violation of the Open Meetings Act. She accused a board member of breaking the law by recording a phone conversation during an open meeting, which is a violation of the act. Mathews threatened to bring in the federal authorities to investigate the matter, stating that where there is smoke, there is fire. She also warned board members to ensure their campaign reports are in order as one of the persons on the call had made donations to several of them. She cautioned that she would drain the swamp of anyone found guilty of corruption in the district. Mathews emphasized that there was no place for corruption at HCC and that no trustee would be allowed to stack the board in favor of the chancellor.

Furthermore, Mathews pointed out that the decline of the census was concerning and that the number of African-American employees working at HCC had decreased significantly over the years. She urged the board to stop the dog and pony show and address the real issues. The New Black Panther Nation’s leader had previously brought in the feds in Harris County, and she promised to do the same if there was any corrupt business going on in HCC. Mathews made it clear that she was there for accountability and to ensure that the board members did not break any laws. Her speech aimed to bring attention to the issue of transparency in meetings and the need to uphold the Open Meetings Act.

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