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Woman Sues Ochsner Medical Center and Tyson Foods After Finding Human Finger in Chicken Sandwich

In a shocking case, Whitney Hebrard has filed a lawsuit against Ochsner Medical Center and Tyson Foods Inc., alleging that she found a human finger in a chicken sandwich she purchased from Morrison’s Café located on the Ochsner Hospital Campus. The incident, which occurred on July 19, 2022, has led to severe emotional distress, mental anguish, and psychological trauma for Hebrard, causing her to seek medical attention and treatment.

Hebrard was working at Ochsner Hospital Campus on the day of the incident. During her lunch break, she bought a Tyson chicken sandwich from the café. After noticing the human finger in the sandwich, she screamed in the cafeteria, leading to a traumatic experience. Following the incident, she was diagnosed with alopecia due to excessive hair loss.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants, including Jane Doe, John Doe, Ochsner Medical Center, and Tyson Foods Inc., had an ongoing contractual duty to maintain a safe product for customers and employees. It claims that Tyson Foods Inc. has a duty to maintain a high standard of product control before sending food products to businesses.

The lawsuit further alleges that the defendants’ negligence led to the incident, including failure to provide adequate safety measures and quality control, negligently performing their quality control duties, creating an unreasonable risk of harm to customers, and failure to exercise reasonable care.

The defendants are also accused of knowing, or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known, of the potential of harm deriving from the complaints made by Hebrard. The lawsuit seeks judgment in favor of Hebrard and against the defendants for damages, legal interest, and all costs of the proceedings.

The case is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. The outcome could have significant implications for food safety and quality control standards in the food industry.

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