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Road Rage Incident Turns Dangerous as Woman Fires Gun in the Air at Eldridge and 1960

HOUSTON, July 24, 2023 – A potentially dangerous situation unfolded in Northwest Houston today when a woman fired a gun into the air during a road rage incident. The altercation occurred at the bustling intersection of Eldridge Parkway and FM 1960.

Details remain sparse, but it is known that the dispute involved two parties. Amid the heated exchange, a female participant allegedly produced a firearm and discharged it skyward. The specific trigger for the confrontation is still unclear, and further information about the individuals involved has not been provided.

“An altercation took place during which a female fired a gun in the air,” reported Grizzy’s Hood News via their official Twitter account. It remains unknown at this time whether the police were notified about the incident.

As of now, it remains unknown whether law enforcement was notified about the incident or if an official investigation is underway. No injuries were reported following the gunshot.

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