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High Fence Fire in Trinity County: 70% Containment Reached, Texas A&M Forest Service Assisting

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas, September 11, 2023 – The Texas A&M Forest Service is currently responding to a call for assistance regarding the High Fence Fire in Trinity County. The wildfire, which is estimated to span 200 acres, has been reported to be 70% contained at this time.

Teams on the ground are working strategically to further contain the fire and prevent any potential spread. Their efforts are aimed at protecting local communities and preserving surrounding natural habitats.

Despite the significant containment achieved, the authorities are maintaining a rigorous approach to the firefighting operations to ensure the safety of the residents in the vicinity. People in the affected and neighboring areas are urged to remain alert to updates from official sources and to adhere to any safety advice or evacuation orders that may be issued.

The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined and will be the subject of investigation once the immediate danger has been mitigated.

Authorities are encouraging individuals to avoid the area to allow emergency personnel to carry out their duties without hindrance. The public is advised to stay tuned to local news outlets and official social media channels for the latest updates on the containment efforts and safety information.

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