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Should Drivers Provide Car Seats for Riders Kids?

We have discussed how driving a kid without a car seat is legal in Texas if you are a vehicle for hire, but what if you want to go the extra mile and provide car seats for riders kids? Can you do that? Should you?

Most days, I have 2 car seats in my trunk because I have 2 kids that I drop off at school. I do not let the riders use these…ever. Kids are dirty. They are germ centers. They need to be bathed regularly. If their parents do not care enough to bring their car seats, then they are likely not bathing them regularly, keeping them clean. Making sure they wipe themselves properly. If you have a kid, and can afford to hire a private car to take you somewhere, then you can afford a cheap car seat. For me, when I see a kid without a car seat, I see that as a sign of neglect. (I may or may not have reported a parent to CPS in the past for this.) As some say, it is just a car seat, but that car seat can easily become the difference between life and death.

Sure, you can go out and buy one for $17.99 like this one from eBay, but the problem is, if that car seats fails for whatever reason, and although I am not a lawyer, it is safe to assume that you are going to be held liable. It is the same as your car failing to stop because you didn’t change your brakes when you needed to last month. Best case scenario, is you walk away with a ticket, but if that child ends up getting seriously injured or dies, you could potentially find yourself in prison. Like I said though, I am not an attorney, so my words should no the taken as gold, but it is really not worth the risk. Prevention is so easy. Better safe than sorry…right?

I get that as a rider it sucks to have to walk around with a car seat all day, but that is part of having a kid. They even have car seat backpacks you can buy to make life easier.

I will leave you with this tidbit: I once picked up a lady from the airport, that was lugging around luggage with 3 kids in tow, (all of car seat age) by herself. Guess what? She had a car seat/booster for each one of them. She was super mom. She cared about her kids enough that she took them on a trip, with car seats and all. Before her, I admit, I would make exceptions for short little trips that seemed relatively safe, (i.e. no freeways), since it is legal for us to take them without a car seat. However, after her, I said no more. No one has an excuse. If she can do it, anyone can.

P.S. They do sell car seats at the airport.

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