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Lyft Driver Accused Of Scamming Blind and Amputated Woman out of Nearly $18,000

Atlanta – (WSB-TV) After taking her to her dialysis appointment and befriending Cassie Mitchell, she decided to hire George Bass as her caretaker.

According to Sgt. Paul Cooper, with APD, “While She was in rehab for about six weeks, he was actually using her card to make cash withdraws for his own good.” Police said she even agreed to give Bass a loan in the amount of $3,000 in exchange for the title of his car, which police say, didn’t belong to him.

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Fortunately they were able to capture Michael Bass before he did any more harm to her or others but to scam someone, (anyone for that matter) a disabled person that can not see or walk after they trust you, takes a special kind of evil that only some people are capable of. Hopefully Michael Bass is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law possible. He deserves no place in society.

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