#BeatTheSurge with these helpful tips

“Per @chuckcornelius9, in Harris County we have reached 300 DWI cases involving persons under 21 for this year. 13 felony cases & 4 being intoxicated manslaughter. Year to date 10,571 DWI cases. ” – Sheriff Ed Gonzalez 9/6/2019 (

If that sounds ridiculous, that is because it is. As Uber and Lyft drivers we may complain about low rates, but for the general public, cheap fares means there is ZERO excuses for driving while intoxicated.

How much a Uber or Lyft costs really depends on how far you are going but for the overwhelming majority, this will be less than $10, maybe cheaper than the last drink you decided to drink before hitting the road. If you live in the suburbs (outside of the beltway) , sure it may cost $20-$40 if you are partying in Downtown, but you should plan on that cost if you are drinking. Forget the $10,000+ for a DWI, think of the lives you may ruin by driving drunk and getting into an accident (including your own.) It is a small price to pay.

From my experience though, most drunk drivers will go to a bar nearby their house (as drivers we know those neighborhood bars will likely be short trip) and decide that they can drive home because it is “just a few minutes away.” “Just a few minutes”, does not mean you are not going to get into an accident or pulled over. What just a few minutes means, your Uber or Lyft will cost you $5-$10 to get home.

Beating the Surge 
Yes, surge pricing sucks and probably stops you from getting a Uber or Lyft ride to the bar, out of fear you won’t be able to afford to get home. I agree. Yes, I get paid more as a driver, and that is the only reason why you will find me out that late dealing with drunks. However, I will still come back for you once the surge pricing ends. I have been nearly hit by a bunch of drunk drivers. I would rather you not drive, but just because you maybe on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.

Surge pricing goes into effect whenever there is a high amount of riders requesting rides all at once. Typically, at bar close, this only happens in the loop. Think, Midtown, Downtown, Washington. – Wherever you have a high concentration of bars.

Trust me when I say there are plenty of drivers out there –
Typically you will see the bars clear out within 30 minutes. Once the majority of riders get picked up? Surge pricing goes away. So what does this mean?

-First and foremost, check both Uber and Lyft for pricing. One will always be cheaper than the other. (usually Lyft to be honest)
-Typically 30 minutes after surge kicks on is when prices go down. Head to a food truck, (eating now will make you feel better in the morning) chat with your friends. Whatever, just find something to pass the time.
-Walking away from the bar areas helps. Not only will you kill time, but you are walking away from where everyone is requesting rides.
-Stay away from areas with a high concentration of bars and nightlife. Dive bars in the suburbs never surge. Yes, you may still need to wait for a driver to come, but they will. There are so many of us, we are everywhere. People who Uber and Lyft for extra money typically live in the suburbs. Majority of us leave our apps on until we get home, hoping for one last ride.

If you are worried about finding a driver, use this ride request form.

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