Lyft The Basics

You are now required to wear a face mask with Lyft

A notice was sent out to drivers when opening up the Lyft app that they must accept the new Health safety commitment in order to go online and accept rides. I am assuming riders are getting the same notice (at the bottom Lyft states “Riders are taking the same steps to commit to health safety.”)

Uber came out with the same guidelines a few weeks ago, so it is a bit interesting that Lyft was slower to adapt.

Basically, as a driver you must:

  • Wear a Face covering (mask)
  • Keep your car clean (not really new)
  • Leave the front seat empty (good luck with some of these riders)
  • Open windows when possible (a good way to get the bad smells out quickly anyways – be sure to roll down all 4 windows, or the air will recirculate – basic science)
  • Avoid recirculated air. (something that is not really thought about, but a good idea, don’t recirculate coronavirus droplets)

While no one is checking to see if you roll down windows properly, a rider can and will likely report you for not wearing a face mask, as this is a quick and easy way to get refunded by Lyft and Uber now. Uber has said before they will terminate your contract if you are found to not wear a mask, I will put money that Lyft will do the same.

As always, you probably shouldn’t drive in a pandemic, but if you have to, don’t be dumb and take simple steps to protect yourself, like wearing a mask. Don’t think for a second that riders that are sick are staying at home. Uber and Lyft have both been pushing riders to ditch car ownership since day 1. The riders that have, still need to get tested for coronavirus and go to the emergency room. It is very likely you will pick someone up that has coronavirus if you are driving.

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