Shady Drivers

Drivers are knowingly driving with COVID-19 in Harris County

Good ole’ John Nicks never disappoints . If you don’t remember the name, he was arrested for evading police back in March.

So where is John Nicks now?

I’ll let the screenshot (that was sent in by a concerned driver to us) speak for itself.

Hopefully he went into self-quarantine, and recovers quickly, but something tells me he is delivering for as long as his body allows him to. After all, “Got to hustle with COVID”.

We gave Uber about 11 days to respond after reporting John Nicks, of course, there was no response but with Hospitals in Harris County rapidly filling up, something needs to give and we had to write this article.

It should be noted though that any driver who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not be driving according to Uber and Lyft policy, but relying on drivers to self-report/self-quarantine is not going to happen as long as the rates continue to compete with 1970 taxi rates. Drivers simply can’t afford to take time off.

Remember, the only prevention tools we have right now is to isolate, stay at home and if you must go out, wear a mask when you are in close proximity of others.

If you are knowingly driving with COVID-19, please stop you can literally kill someone directly or indirectly.

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