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Who is scamming during a pandemic?

This is a bit disgusting:

Ann Tyson, a Uber driver posted about her friend being scammed for $100, a price he agreed upon before getting into a vehicle.

However, Uber charges $26, for the same ride.

Ann Tyson: Your friend did not get scammed. He simply agreed to a fair price for a private driver. Why? Because that is the same price you will pay in a taxi. Remember, rates for Houston area cabs are roughly $2.20/mile. Uber pays drivers 60 cents a mile, or 3.6 times less!

The disgusting part is, Ann Tyson is a Uber driver and she is advocating to get paid 3.6 times less than a cab (or in her words, “anything more is a scam). Not only that, but instead of requesting through the app, she is coming into a Uber Driver Facebook Group, determined to have a driver show up and take a ride outside of the app, which means the driver will not be covered in the event of an accident, or cleaning fee.

Now, whether or not her friend hopped into a legitimate ride is still to be determined since we do not know who this driver was and if he or she carried commercial insurance and applicable permits.

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