They say doctors make the worst patients…

The same can be said for UberEats drivers as customers.

Checkout this post from Twitter:

I would roll my eyes if I saw this message in the app because we already know what “I will tip you in the app” 99.9% of the time means.

If you truly appreciate your driver, you will tip 20% regardless because they are exposing themselves to COVID-19 every time they walk into a restaurant to pick up your food. Not to mention, you already know how low Uber pays.

I am not sure at what part of the delivery process this driver sent the message, but one thing is for certain. If I have not asked the restaurant for your order, I likely will go ahead and use one of my cancels, not because I am lazy, but because I know, one misstep and I will very likely get a 1 star and be reported to Uber for messing up this really “important” delivery.

“Ricky” is the Karen of UberEats.

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