Riders are upset they can’t have it their way

These riders are upset that their driver refused a ride. According to Derek, he ordered a 4 person ride and “it was switched.”

First of all, rides are not switched from 4 riders to 3 riders. As a matter of fact, all ride types now allow one less rider because of COVID-19.

There is no such thing as a 4 person Lyft.

Second of all, these riders are clearly not wearing their masks. A clear violation of Lyft policy which states: Every rider and driver must wear a mask while on a ride.

Riders are not wearing masks.

These riders are clearly looking like they are having a great time berating this Lyft driver for simply doing his job and keeping with Lyft Policy.

However, was the driver wrong for cursing at the riders? Yes.

I totally get why he was cursing at them and flicked them off towards the end (I have wanted to do this to entitled riders as well), but you are supposed to be the bigger adult in these situations. Unless you were being blocked in, it would have been a lot better:

1) Lock the doors
2) Roll up the windows

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