Silly Drivers

DoorDash driver leaves the car in “drive” while making a delivery

A DoorDash driver decided to leave their car in drive while making a delivery.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem any major damage was done (thanks to the low speed) but it serves as a reminder for delivery drivers to put their cars in park BEFORE getting out.

While some point out we should be appreciative of a delivery driver during a pandemic, I would definitely 1 star this particular driver.


1) There doesn’t seem to be much of an apology (You would think the customer would walk out to inspect the damage right?)

2) The driver seemed to not have the food in a hot bag.

3) NO FACE MASK! (Which is DoorDash policy by the way).

Sure we can give this driver a pass because he have been busy that day and it is getting pretty hot outside and there is a pandemic going on, but if you are THAT tired, you need to stay off the road before someone other than yourself gets hurt.

Oh, and there is that unspoken rule of parking on a strangers driveway. Although, in this case, it was probably better since no kids were hurt.

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