Silly Riders

Lyft driver handles drunk #karen

All of us who have worked the bar scene can probably relate to this.

As much flak as we get for being “dangerous” and what not, getting into the wrong Uber or Lyft truly falls on the riders.

I know a lot of riders will not agree, but the truth is, as a rider you have access to everything you need to identify your driver. The following order is how you should be verifying with EACH ride.

1) Make/model/color of vehicle
2) License plate (only about 1 out of 1,000 of ya’ll actually check this)
3) Driver photo
4) Driver name

*If you have a question about one of these 4 items listed above – DON’T GET IN. (you will be refunded if you tell Uber or Lyft one of these did not match, but if you are worried about spending $5 on a cancellation fee to potentially save your life, something is wrong)

For drivers, all we have is your first name!

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