Shady Drivers

Driver refuses to take rider 3 blocks and has mental breakdown

Our Shady Driver today is “Ken”. He can be heard yelling at the rider, “Kitty Cash”, to get out of his vehicle while it clearly sounds like she is getting out anyways.

While we can not be sure of the circumstances leading up to Ken’s meltdown, the fact that he is yelling at the rider is a major red flag, and one that Lyft should not take lightly.

There is absolutely no reason why a driver should yell at a rider, much less a 116 pound woman when he looks to be twice her size. This is wrong on so many levels.

For riders, I highly advise ya’ll look into Lyft Lux as a safer alternative.

(By no means was this the riders fault, the blame really falls on Lyft/Uber for not meeting with their drivers in person)

However, drivers with cars from “DriveTime” (a high risk lender) like Ken, are not the drivers you want to ride with. While bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person, it sheds light on your past. Rather it was out of your control or not, (because sh** does happen), I think it is better to throw caution into the wind when you are having a complete stranger drive you around. Lyft Lux vehicles are pretty hard to afford when you do not have good credit.

In the end though, Ken was way out of line and needs to be deactivated and blacklisted by Uber and Lyft.

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