Shady Drivers

Watch: Creepy Uber Driver keeps feeling on woman’s leg

Viewer discretion advised:

A driver decided it would be okay to touch a young woman’s leg, after repeatedly being asked not to do so. His excuse? “I am just looking for my phone.”



♬ original sound – lowkeykinkster

It should be noted that @lowkeykinkster on TikTok reposted this video from a comedian by the name of Carlos Davis, back in January (Carlos Davis does not attribute this video properly).

While it is hard to tell where it came from, this video really got a lot of attention as soon as lowkeykinkster posted it to TikTok. It should not take away from the fact that this happened to some young woman and the fact that it likely happens A LOT.

Of course, there is always that one guy that tries to blame the victim:

The truth is, you can sit anywhere you want to. Currently though, Uber asks that you sit in the backseat because of COVID-19. But, you can for sure sit directly behind the driver. Honestly, sitting behind the driver is probably the safest spot. In the video, that driver is struggling to get his hand to touch her legs. She could easily kick it away and escape before he can turn around, and/or open his door and then hers. If you sit anywhere else in the car, it would be easier for the driver to hold you down, without getting out of the vehicle.

Yes, you can check childproof locks, as someone mentioned last year, but remember, not all of us who have child locks on have bad intentions.. we may actually have kids! (Yes, I forgot to take the child lock off myself on more than one occasion.) Just please, be sure to check the child locks when you have the door OPEN, not after you open it, Why? (#newsflash) If the child lock is on, and you shut the door, you are not getting out if that driver does have bad intentions.

Above everything else – if your driver has that creep vibe, please do not get in. Being charged a $5 cancel fee is really not that big of a deal if you get to your destination safely.

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