Take 5

Top 5 memorable moments from LoveLandUSA

“McKenzie is a snake! The way how she’s trying to make big excuses to make it seem like her pairing up with Jalen isn’t as bad as it looks”

2.”The way we were working to break up Connor and Mackenzie and they beat us to it now I’m kinda sad connor is so sad”

3. “Damn. Johnny basically saying “if she doesn’t act right soon, my head will be turned again” 5 oofs”

4. Connor: “ I really like McKenzie, so I think imma break up with her. Feels so good to have some clarity. I can’t wait to see if she’ll be my girlfriend again. She’s just not the girl for me, and I really see myself being with her on the outside.”

5. “the casa amor islanders better find it in them to spill the beans on johnny because”

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