This police interaction perfectly sums up 2020

For better or for worse, this police interaction perfectly sums up 2020.

Officers with the Harris County Sheriff’s department made what appeared to be a routine traffic stop in NE Harris County this evening.

(I know, and I apologize for the grainy video in advance, but I grabbed this from a cheap dashcam and zoomed in so that you can see.)

So, in case you still can’t see… if you look closely, you will notice that as the officers leave the suspect’s vehicle, they are cautiously walking backward from the vehicle which has the “suspects” pulled over – Honestly, I came on the back end of this and I do not want to call them suspects without knowing more, but it is what it is.

But why is this a big deal? Because, as you can probably guess, I have seen my fair share of traffic stops being a rideshare driver. Yes, I am that nosy person that wants to see what is going on. (If I don’t have a rider, I am pulling over and letting the camera roll.) NEVER have I witnessed officers backing away as cautiously as they did.

That in itself is a big deal. It’s sad that officers have to be extra cautious these days because of the anti-police mentality our country has.

Yes, black lives matter, and no.. I am not a Trump supporter. (I am fairly confident if you click around on this site, you will see I am pretty much against him and his proud boy shenanigans.) However, I do believe that most officers are good. They mean well. Just like every other job – you have those that strive to be the best at what they do, and those that are one candy bar away from snapping someone’s neck.

This moment, as quick as it was, was a humbling moment, that we need to respect the police officers who are simply trying to keep the peace.

A routine traffic stop should not be fatal, for any party involved.

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