50+ Miles UberX is finally an option!

Tired of those $2.44 payouts on UberX? Now you can select to recieve only the 50 mile (or more) UberX Trips.

I am actually pretty excited about this. This is something I have yearned for quite some time. While, I do have not taken riders since March because of COVID-19, this would actually be a feature I would use, especially considering the fact that every ride can give you COVID-19, those $2.44 short trips are really not worth it.

Sure, I wish this could be the case for every single ride preference I have, but I will settle with UberX as that is the one that pays the least.

For those who are about to say “The long trips are not worth it”, I will say as I always have: If the long trips are not worth it, how are small trips worth it? It is the same per minute and per mile, either way you cut it.

To Dara:

The only way to make this better (besides adding it to other ride preferences) is to make this a dollar amount. I honestly would take $10+ rides all day long.

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