Uber has asked the (CDC) to consider its drivers to be vaccinated early with a COVID-19 shot

Uber said its drivers provided critical transportation for essential workers and allowed others to stay home and order food and that they should be one of the first in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is approved.

In a letter signed by Uber’s head of federal affairs, Danielle Burr stated:

“Early access to a vaccine would help drivers and delivery people continue to play their essential role while also reducing the risk that they may inadvertently contract, or possibly transmit, the virus.”, which is something we can agree with.

Of course, the CDC has already stated that healthcare and long-term health workers should get vaccinated first and rightfully so.

There are several other industry groups trying to get their workers to the front of the line, so it is still a long shot, but it is trying.

On a side note: This is the first time I feel like Uber cares about me.

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