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Fact Check: Did a delivery driver really get mad over a $3 tip?

There is a video of a women who is a delivery driver that is pretty upset over a $3 tip. She yells at the customer for several minutes before leaving with their food.

In a time when people are downloading videos and repurposing for their own page, you may not have seen the original, which appears to be posted by Paul Vu. On his status, it clearly states that this is scripted. There is no question that this particular video is false.

However, there have been several instances of drivers becoming upset over the lack of tips. If you are a driver, you know anything over $5 is basically a unicorn tip if you get a tip at all. The lady complaining of an $8 tip in New York, was pretty much in the wrong but you get the point.

Yes, tipping is not required. However, you do have to understand that drivers are paid low, to begin with. Yes, you are charged a delivery fee and a few other fees you may think goes to the driver. These do not. On average, a driver earns $2-$4 per delivery from the company before tips.

Fun Fact: A $3 tip can double your drivers payout.

The tip can make or break the trip. With most companies (in most markets) showing earnings upfront to include tips, we can easily figure out who is tipping and who is not based on the mileage and the total amount. It’s not rocket science. #notipnotrip

It shouldn’t be up to the customer to make sure we can earn a living while paying for gas and maintenance of a car. While some drivers are upset about the Paul Vu video, hopefully this ends up shedding some light on the fact we are paid so low to begin with.

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