Easy Walmart/CVS Vaccine Appointment Lifehack

Need a COVID appointment for a loved one?

It’s actually pretty simple to get one on demand. All you have to do is change the time zone on your device..(after midnight) and bam. Just like that..appointments show up.

*This works best at 11 pm. If you try and change your settings too far out, Walmart will detect your device settings. If you try to go overseas, it won’t work. Eastern time is what you want, at 11 pm.

Update: This also works with CVS, who open their appointments at 4 am. This means at 3 am, you should change your our device to 4 am in order to get a head start on appointments. For Walmart, still wait until 11 pm to change your device over to 12 am.

Update 2: Because of daylight savings time, you can only update your device 1 hour in advance of an anticipated appointment release. The times have changed in the first 2 paragraphs to reflect this change.

If you have success with any other website or know of the official time the appointments open up, please let us know in the comments below so we can update this page and/or test it out for you.

By popular request, we have made a “how to” on changing your time settings on the iPhone here.

P.S. You do not have to go through each step, just change the time zone on your computer past midnight. While this video was taken in the Houston area, this should work outside of Houston as well. You can also change the settings on your phone.

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