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Watch: Senator Joe Manchin allegedly hit Protestors with his Maserati

Senator Joe Manchin, senior United States senator from West Virginia, was blockaded by protestors while trying to leave a garage in his Maserati.

Joe Manchin in his Maserati hurting protestors

In the video, the protestors who are protesting about climate change are claiming that the car is trying to lurch forward while they try to block him in. A security guard is seen trying to move the protestors away, but it’s really not helping.

As far as crimes go, all Senator Joe Manchin has to do is claim he felt his life was in danger. No word on injuries at this time, but it is likely the protestors will try to press charges and then sue him if that does not work.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Should Joe Manchin be prosecuted for his crimes? Or was Joe Manchin simply protecting himself from a potentially hostile crowd of protestors?

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