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ABC 13’s Miya Shay throws shade at Grizzy of Grizzy’s Hood News

Grizzy’s Hood News, a local grassroots news outlet, has been gaining traction and recognition for its positive impact on the community, despite facing criticisms from established media personalities. The news outlet’s founder, Grizzy, has turned these challenges into opportunities for growth and connection with like-minded supporters.

Grizzy recently thanked a prominent media figure, Miya Shay, for being a fan and supporter after Shay claimed that, Grizzy is not a “legit” journalist.

Grizzy acknowledged that every time someone throws shade their way, it results in more followers who become believers in their mission. These new supporters witness the positive work that Grizzy and the community are doing together.

Although Grizzy may not possess the same formal education as some of her critics, they emphasize the strength and accomplishments of her “army of good people” who have rallied around Grizzy’s Hood News. The grassroots organization focuses on reporting stories that impact their community and giving a voice to those who might otherwise be overlooked by mainstream media outlets.

Recently, Grizzy stood up for fellow reporters at a press conference by calling out Miya Shay for being rude and interrupting other journalists. She believes this is what has caused Miya Shay to start to criticize her.

This act of solidarity with their colleagues further demonstrated Grizzy’s commitment to fairness and respect within the field of journalism.

With a growing fanbase and an unwavering commitment to the community, Grizzy’s Hood News is poised to make an even greater impact in the future.

Miya Shay is a journalist who works as a news reporter for ABC13 (KTRK-TV) in Houston, Texas. She joined the station in 2002 and is married to Texas State Representative Gene Wu.

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