Last week, Tiffany Jackson, a writer from Brooklyn, NY posted the following Tweet:

In just a couple days, it has gone viral with thousands of favorites, and retweets. I am not sure what people are thinking though. Here is why I think it is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard:

1) You have to get inside the car to test the locks! So what happens when you realize the child lock is on? Whoops! Too Late! The driver already kidnapped you.

2) I know of a couple of cars that you can electronically lock the child doors from the drivers seat. The Buick Lacrosse being one of them . I am sure that is not the only car. Again, too late. More and more newer cars are having this feature. Considering, Lyft is only allowing 2015 and newer cars in Houston to be added to accounts, manual child locks is quickly becoming a thing of the past with rideshare vehicles.

3) The one thing that pisses me off about this tweet the most? Many of us have children. Majority of us (considering Lyft and Uber was designed to be part time) only have one vehicle that we use for both our children and rideshare. I have forgotten about my child locks on more than one occasion. This does not mean I am going to kidnap you!

But hey, let’s keep retweeting without thinking! At least riders are starting to finally think about their safety though. Let’s see if I can get more than one rider to look at my license plate this weekend before getting in!

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