Rideshare Drivers battling it out at IAH

Trying to park or leave at IAH TNC lot? You may have to dish it out with another driver. After almost 5 years of being able to pick up from Houston’s airports, it is pretty ridiculous there is still not any parking/permit enforcement from the airport.

There are a couple ways for this to be addressed fairly easily (as done in other cities already, so it is nothing new.)

1) Have Uber and Lyft tell the drivers when the lot is full.

2) The airport provides (since riders do pay a fee on every ride) a security guard at the entrance of the lot. When it gets full, cars get turned away.

3) There are a few drivers who seem to be there all day. These are drivers that are not even taking rides but are taking up parking spaces. They sell food, they hold phones for a fee for other drivers etc. How do you prevent this? Have the security do walk throughs, limit the amount of time a driver can be in the lot before leaving. Maybe even charge a parking fee like Dallas, by the minute or by the hour.

Otherwise, this will happen more and more often:

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