Uber Driver doing 60mph on phone, with a rider, expects a tip

You know, typically when people complain about a Uber driver, I am skeptic. Maybe they want a discount or a free ride right? After all, we all know pax can and will lie, especially during times of surge. However, look below at this tweet from @kermy615:

There is no question about it. This driver is doing what appears to be 60mph (or close to it). It is hard to tell the exact speed, but that car is definitely moving.

To top it all off? She has the “Tips Appreciated” sign we have all come to known. (I never used tip signage, but that is the least tackiest one out there in my opinion.) So you are on your phone, risking not only your life, but your rider and everyone else around you and expect a tip?

I would be lying if I said I never looked at my phone with a pax. I take a quick glance down at my personal one from time to time just to make sure the text is not anything important, or to see who is calling. I can honestly say, I have never responded to a text or taken a phone call while on a ride. Seriously #itcanwait. Sounds cheesy, but it is the truth, especially if she is reading the news on that iPad. That news is not going anywhere. If there was something truly happening, (like a 9/11 type of event), then your pax will most likely tell you. I am seriously at a loss of words right now.

What are your thoughts?

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