Genius or Criminal? How one Rideshare Driver Eats Breakfast for FREE at Hotels around Houston

Houston, TX – After a few hours of driving, rideshare drivers often find themselves hungry and miles from home. Most of us do not carry refrigerators or microwaves in our cars, and cold cut sandwiches get boring really, really fast. So we decide we need to stop and get some food from a restaurant. On a Rideshare drivers income, even fast food is expensive. We call this phenomenon “eating your profits” Why? Because a minimum fare is $2.29 in Houston, which means, you likely netted $8 over 3 rides, before expenses.

Anyhow, “Bobby September” (likely not his real name) posted in one of the Driver Facebook Groups that he found a way to get free food by stopping in at any hotel serving free breakfast to their guests and simply pretend you are staying there.

Legally, this is theft, but if it is a continental breakfast aka buffet, is there really any crime being committed here? The extra food is often thrown out anyways right?

Here are some of the driver responses to the thread:

“I’m never done the free breakfast but always get coffee”

“Free coffee at jiffylube/discount tire/hotels/hospital pre-ops with ready to eat foods/ cop station/ higher end apt complexes… as far as getting caught eating at a hotel someone comes up to you they asked you what room you just say you don’t remember her name

“I’ve never thought to try this but now I think I might! I could definitely go for some waffles.”

“I have gone into grab a coffee every now and then. For sure if I am doing Uber eats and deliver to a hotel. They have never once said anythin

” Im gonna tell you you’re stupid for posting this.
By telling however many people about this means that the hotels are about to get flooded and you won’t be able to even use the restroom anymore. Good job. “

“I travel a lot for work and I see people do this all the time lol. Even seen someone get thrown out by the cop

That last comment was pretty disheartening, especially after seeing another driver posting this picture of their most recent “free” breakfast. Who doesn’t want a Texas Waffle!?!

It is pretty safe to say there are varied opinions on this tactic. After reading this, will you stop by during your next morning shift and treat yourself to a free breakfast? Or is this just wrong, and those who do it should be punished? Leave your comments below!

Full Disclosure: I have been the recipient of quite a few coffees, but the difference is, I ask the hotel staff nicely if I can have some, whenever I deliver to their hotel. I have not been told no to coffee, but I am thinking the food is a bit different.

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