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Suspected Airport Mafia List – July 28, 2019

The following vehicles seem to be up to no good. Whether it is selling food, holding phones, leaving phones, these are a few vehicles observed today at the IAH TNC Lot.

New lists will be published daily. Please share/tweet these pages with, @iah ; @Uber @Lyft, so that they get the message that there is a problem. The more drivers that complain, the better. If anything, hopefully this serves as a way to publicly shame these drivers to have them do better and not prevent other drivers from making money the legitimate way.

If you would like your name removed, please contact @RideshareHTX on Twitter with a pledge that you will not try to skip the other drivers in queue by any means. (not a admission of guilt). You may also send a message in the comment section below, however, we get so much spam, it may take a while for us to notice it. Twitter is the quickest way.

Here are the drivers that were noticed on July 28, 2019:
(remember, they are innocent until the rideshare apps, or airport operations proves them guilty)

D. Haider – 2015 Buick Enclave (KPG 7399)
M. Zaffar – 2016 Dodge Journey (JZY 9964)
S. Navqi – 2018 Toyota Rav 4 – (KZP 4514)

If the accounts of these drivers are looked into, Uber, Lyft should be able to see that these drivers are either:

1) Not Logged into the app (or not accepting rides). These are your phone holders. @IAH/Airport Operations should notice these vehicles are at the lot ALL DAY LONG.

2) They are magically at the airport within a few minutes of dropping off a previous rider. (either via GPS spoofing and/or having a friend log them in)

3) They have nothing but airport rides.

Example: Driver accepts Uber ping, logs into Lyft on a secondary device, leaves the phone hidden on airport property, (or with a friend, see #1 and #2). Completes Uber ride, Comes back and waits for Lyft to finish moving through the queue. Accepts Lyft ride, leaves Uber phone, and the cycle repeats.

I understand, #3 is not a tell all sign, as many drivers legitimately do airport rides only. However, Uber and Lyft can tell via location data (as they usually have the same app open on 2 different phones (with one being left in the lot, and one on their person.) Both Uber and Lyft should notice a high rate of pings not just being accepted, but not being “declined” as well. This is because the queue may move quicker than the time it takes them to get back to the phone. Yes, regular drivers fall asleep at may not hear the ping, however, these accounts show an unusually low accepting rating AT the airport. Regular non-cheating drivers will also use the DECLINE option, instead of letting it time out.

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  1. Thanks for taking your time to post this . You should also join every Facebook ridesahe accounts threw out tecas and post this people need to know that there is fraudulent drivers out there seen it with my own eyes

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