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DoorDash Customer is Suing DoorDash Over Tipping Policy

Brooklyn, NY – According to an article by the New York Daily Post,
“Arkin’s suit blasts DoorDash Inc. for “materially false and misleading” tipping representations on it app, which the court papers called “likely to deceive the public.””

We can all agree it is was misleading and while Dashers knew about this problem for the better part of this last year, the general public had no idea their tips were going to offset DoorDash’s compensation to drivers.

The article does not say exactly what he is suing for, however, usually when someone files suit like this and is successful, the company is often forced to pay back a portion (or all) of what was used. As Dashers, we may end up getting a monetary settlement if his lawsuit is successful, so this can be a good thing. However, the settlement money could very well go back to customers as well, since they were the ones truly deceived. In any case, we won, because DoorDash (shouldn’t) ever try to steal our tips again.

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