Shady Drivers

Leave the Women Drivers Alone!

I recently came across this on social media. (I blurred the victim out for her privacy):

I get it, both genders routinely check one another out silently. Nothing wrong with that. It is human nature. Intimacy is one of the most beautiful things in the world. We always want to feel a connection with someone else.

However, that does not give you a right to harass someone else. Sitting there, staring at them whether they no it or not is never okay. You know what is even more not okay? Not only just taking a picture, but posting it on social media for the world to see! Oscar Torres, what is wrong with you?

You know Oscar, Rideshare driver who are men have become routinely stigmatized. Women would rather ride with a female driver because they feel safer. It is 2019. They should feel safe with both women and men right? But then guys like you creep the TNC lots and take pictures of women drivers and post them to social media. This young lady is just trying to work. She (or anyone else for that matter) does not deserved to be harassed and victimized.

I sincerely hope Uber and Lyft find you and deactivate you. We don’t need you driving around riders making them feel unsafe. Nor do we need you creeping in the TNC lot. What if someone did that to your sister or daughter? You will be livid. (at least I would hope).

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