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Driving without a Permit – 7-29-2019

The airport permit is required for you to pick up at Hobby and IAH. If you need a airport permit, you may register here. It is now online and as simple as ever. #NoExcuses

However, I have to admit seems pretty useless. Every ride we take on either Uber or Lyft gets charged a small airport fee. Since every ride is digitally recorded, Uber and Lyft remit this fee to the Houston Airport System on our behalf. It does not matter if a driver is issued a airport permit or not as every ride that Uber and Lyft records as originating from the airport gets charged a fee. Uber and Lyft do not require drivers to upload airport permits in order to have airport rides turned on. (this will be the easiest way to enforce permits at IAH).

Furthermore, when we are issued permits, the airport does not charge us anything upfront, nor do they even do background checks. So, what really is the point of the permit?

Houston Airport System issued a statement not too long ago stating that “they do routine checks and enforce permits.” This is false.

On July 29, 2019, I went to Hobby Airport and recorded the following vehicles that were in the TNC lot that did not have airport permits:

JZY1191 - 2015 CHRYSLER 200
BM33065 - 2011 FORD F150
DW0248 - 2017 TOYOTA CAMRY

(If your car is listed here and you would like it removed, please submit a request through the comments below or to @RideshareHTX on Twitter, with a pledge to get your airport permit)

If Uber and Lyft checks this list against their records, they will see these drivers were at Hobby airport July 29, 2019. If the Airport decided to work with Uber and Lyft, they would be able to cross reference that these drivers indeed do not have permits.

So, if the airport is doing routine checks and enforcement, how is that I went to the lot at Hobby yesterday and found these cars without permits within minutes? Don’t get me wrong, we sometimes see enforcement but it is few and far in between and usually results in a warning, which only leads drivers to come back without permits. Tickets will generate significant income for HAS.

If HAS permits are useless, what is the point in complaining?

Because, imost drivers get them, why can’t all drivers get them? When it is time for me renew, I often have to take a few hours off from my regular job. If I can get it, then all drivers can. Furthermore, if HAS is going to claim they enforce permits, then they should. Otherwise, they are completely useless and they should consider removing the requirement.

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  1. Same here in College Station, when out of town drivers come up and park anywhere they can to pick up pax. Causing severe backups on small roads. Ignoring traffic laws and in some cases causing accidents.

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