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This driver should not be handling food in any capacity…

I am no easily shocked by what some of these delivery drivers do, but this one actually surprised me.

Markus Handlon wanted to show how he is able to handle drinks on his motorbike. I am all for learning tricks of the trade, but not at the customer’s misfortune. For some reason, Markus decided the best place for the customer’s food was the ground next to the motorbike! That is just nasty and gross. Sure that customer probably was not going to tip much (if any at all) since fast-food customers are notorious about not tipping. But that still does not justify placing the customer’s food on the ground! As delivery drivers, we are held to a higher standard then if we were just picking up food for ourselves.

Recently, in the news, drivers have been caught eating and drinking from customers’ orders, and now we know they place the food on the ground. I suspect that more and more cases of orders being mishandled will only increase as these delivery companies continue to drop rates and hire anybody off the street that is willing to work for less. Unfortunately, it is a case of “you get what you paid for”. At the very least, companies like DoorDash, Postmates, Favor, UberEats, etc. need to train divers better, and this includes reiterating that “food should never be placed on the ground”. What may seem like common sense to many, is not common sense for some like Mr. Handlon.

P.S. To answer your question: Put the drinks in a drink carrier, and then into a plastic bag. Put the drinks into the cargo box first, then the food on top. Now you can transport drinks on a motorbike!

Our favorite drink carrier for deliveries:

Customer’s food is on the ground, next to motorbike

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