Lyft Shady Drivers

Lyft Driver Wants to Shoot Gun After Watching Safety Videos

At the end of 2019, Lyft decided that we, drivers needed some training about sexual harassment, and how to make riders feel safe during a ride, in partnership with RAINN, the leading anti-sexual violence organization in the US.

For more information about the training, click here.

Sure, sexual harassment workplace videos are not the funnest to watch, but they are important. Some drivers, like Sahil Patel (as pictured below), just couldn’t handle a few videos.

Is this a driver you want driving you around? What happens if he makes a pass at you, but you decline? Hopefully, he does not own a gun, because that is even scarier. Be sure to leave your comments below!

P.S. The overwhelmingly majority of Lyft drivers are not this crazy. This screenshot was actually sent in by a concerned driver. While you may decide to go use Uber after seeing this post, just know that he probably drivers for Uber as well!

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