Shady Drivers

Racist UberX driver reminds us that only foreigners and n*****s work the airport.

In a Facebook group for Uber Houston drivers, Riley Taylor posted the following message:

It really amazes me that Riley Taylor, a Uber driver (and possibly Lyft driver) in Houston can be so racist and xenophobic. Houston, in a article from August 2019, was named “the most diverse city in the United States”. We surpass NYC and Los Angeles in terms of diversity and have been doing so for the last few years. If you want to live in Houston, much less drive people around for a living, there really is no room for any level of xenophobia.

Uber and Lyft: I urge you to deactivate this driver as he does not represent Uber and Lyft’s core values.

For those wondering: No, 99.99% of drivers out there have zero tolerance towards racists. In fact, this was sent in by a concerned driver who came across it.

If you are a concerned rider and want to ensure you do not ride with Riley, please take a good look at his picture:

source: Riley Taylor’s Facebook Page (Public Photo)
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