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Uber Comfort drivers just caused a pay cut in Houston

Uber announced today that Uber Select will no longer be available come July 31, 2020. So why is this a pay cut?

As Uber puts it, in an email sent out to drivers – “We learned from drivers that the Uber Select product is too similar to some other available ride options”.

The email then states:

“After July 31, you can still earn money with these ride options:

Uber Comfort, UberXL, and Uber X.”

Back to the pay cut:

It should be noted that the pay for Uber Comfort and Uber XL are substantially lower than Select. Select was originally designed for drivers with luxury cars and riders who wanted something a bit nicer. Obviously, riders will choose the cheapest route. That being Uber Comfort vs. Uber Select. UberX as we know are those shady drivers you will find working as gypsy cabs in another life.

Is Uber to blame? Or the riders?

We can blame the drivers in this instance. If they turned off the comfort option (many found it was faster to get rides this way, which made sense as riders want the cheaper route) then the riders would of had a hard time getting matched with a comfort driver. Frustration will ensue and they would of ordered a Uber Select. It is a very simple concept. One that even Uber understands.. get there the fastest, and you win that rider over. (same reason why we have an over abundance of drivers.)

Is it too late?
No, it is never too late. Uber gave us until July 31, 2020 to turn things around. If Uber stops making money off Comfort and starts making more on Select, they will have no choice but to leave Select running.

Here’s what you need to do:

Turn off Uber Comfort. (I for one have never picked one up, nor will I after the Uber Select change, I know my worth).

Wait, wait, wait for a Uber Select or XL. Patience is key.

I know, you may need the money, but with UberX being as low as it is, do you really make anything being in what is supposed to be a luxury vehicle?

If you feel like you have to, take UberX ride. For the next 6 months, do not take a Uber Comfort ride! I promise a Uber Select will come. Double the price of a comfort means half the rides.

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