HLSR is looking to hire 1,000 drivers!

As we all know, the winter season historically has been slow for rideshare. This past month has not been an exception. If you need a way to supplement your income, temporarily, the Houston Rodeo has a job for you!

The annual Staff Scramble is taking place at NRG on Saturday February 1, 2020, from 10am to 2pm. You may register here! (highly recommended)

Some positions include (but not limited to):

  • Cashiers
  • Banquet captains
  • Banquet servers
  • Baristas
  • Beverage attendants
  • Cooks
  • Custodial services
  • Dishwashers
  • Security personnel
  • Supervisors
  • Ticket takers

P.S. It is an awesome experience!

Good luck!

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