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Poll: Should this Houston driver be arrested for stealing sunglasses?

In a Facebook post, Benjamin R. stated his rider had just left some sunglasses that were worth $270 and he is asking if he should give them back:

Here’s the deal: It is not stealing, if he found them and is waiting for a rider to contact him about them. The way this post is worded, it sounds like he really has no clue who left it. (This is one reason why you should check your seats after every rider.) You do not want to return the sunglasses to someone they do not belong to. Not finding an item till the end of the night when you get home, or even the next morning is not uncommon, especially if you are a night driver.

However, as soon as he said… “but I think they just flew out”… amounts to stealing them. For those who do not know, this is millennial slang for “I have them, but I want them.”

Now, I know what you are thinking. They are just sunglasses, no big deal. However, our retired police officer fanbase will agree that this can amount up to a Class B Misdemeanor because they are (to quote Benjamin) worth $270!

If the rider calls, and Benjamin denies having them, should he go to jail?

So, this driver can potentially be arrested, and more importantly, have a misdemeanor on his record because he really liked some sunglasses. If you know anyone with an arrest record, you will know this severely limits their ability to get a job, a safe place to live, etc. Are sunglasses worth throwing your life away?

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