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Houston Uber Eats Driver Steals Phone From Office

In a Twitter post, @aaudreypham describes how a Uber Eats driver, named Manuel, decided to steal her phone after delivering food to one of her coworkers. This is not without evidence. The video below, clearly shows that he stops and grabs a phone on his way out. Even after Uber was offered the video, they dismissed the complaint because of the drivers words.

In no way am I trying to justify or defend the drivers actions (Manuel needs to be deactivated and arrested) , but offices should have polices in place that prevents all non-employees from walking around unattended. i.e. If you order Uber Eats, you need to meet that driver at the receptionist and/or the front of the office. It’s a sad day when a delivery driver can not be trusted, but Uber does not do a very good job screening candidates for Uber Eats. They are more focused on the bottom line.

Here is a pic of the driver. If you know him, please tell him he is a POS and that he needs to return the phone.

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