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Racist Houston Uber driver makes fun of riders headed to the Chinese Consulate

In a post in a Facebook group for drivers, Brooke Rodgers decided to poke fun at some riders that were headed to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China.

I know I will get some backlash from other racists who will stand up for her and claim that her info posted for all of the world to see on Facebook is somehow her private property, but here we have it. Another racist, ignorant Houston driver.

Her comment was made in light of COVID-19 (which originally started in China) but has since traversed nearly every single country in the world, as this map shows.

It still fascinates me how a driver can be so racist and drive riders around in a diverse city like Houston, not to mention, taking the time to post it on Facebook for the entire world to see just like this driver.

I hereby submit my nomination for #donkeyoftheday.

2 thoughts on “Racist Houston Uber driver makes fun of riders headed to the Chinese Consulate
  1. Your website is trash. Apparently you’re too stupid to realize that we know a “reporter” is not supposed to be the one hiding behind anonymity, rather the source. So due to that, a majority of us have already concluded that you’re getting your info from —– or you are —-. To assume that our IQ levels are too low to come to that conclusion on our own is retarded on your part. Be proud knowing that we honestly don’t give a shit what you write on here. And FYI, no, I’m not someone you’ve previously written about on here. So this is coming from a 3rd person seeing you spread hate further.

    1. There you have it, folks. Apparently, we are too stupid because we expose racist drivers. #gofigure

      You should be really careful about what you type. Comcast will not hesitate to report you to the proper authorities for hate speech.

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